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About us

Who are we?

This community radio station was created in collaboration with local musician DB James who is also the station Manager.

With the sudden disconnection the Covid-19 level 4 lockdown has created for our hapori,  we saw an opportunity to create a platform that would help bring people together through music and connection.
New Brighton Project coordinators and DB have set up the initial online station in a local garage.
As we move into less restrictive levels of the pandemic the station will move into NBP’s building at 105 Brighton Mall and be acquiring a fm band width, aerial and receiver. Funding from the COVID-19 Community Awareness and Preparedness Grant Fund has made this next step possible.

​Our focus is to promote local musicians, business and community groups and to keep these entities communicating within our hapori through radio. 

We are actively seeking out representation on the station from various cross sections of the hapori going forwards to create a true reflection of our diverse coastal area.
'New Brighton Wassup’ is a fantastic way to help remove isolation barriers and promote a feeling of connection and well-being within our hapori during this uncertain time.

New Brighton Project see this initiative as a perfect fit for our organisation.
​It aligns with our purpose and vision of:
"Creating Community Together".


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